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Emdad explained : I have just completed my befriending calls where I regularly catch up with elderly friends.

It takes very little effort and is extremely rewarding. I strongly believe this is something everyone must do by keeping in touch with elderly parents, relatives, neighbour's and community members.

If one has time then we should try and do a little extra for others in our community. Many of the elderly I speak to are frail and appreciate the short chat we have. They take as much interest in me as I do in them and there has been a few occasions where my contact has served as a necessary intervention.

Fancy finding out more about this, please contact Joan Brandon, Lynne Hopkins and Kelly Price at Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre by clicking here and quote Befriending

A friendly voice goes a long way to making a lonely and isolated person day.

With the cold weather coming do you have an older neighbour who they feel could do with a friendly daily phone call we can do help.

Please call Joan and Lynne at Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre and discuss our befriending service.

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